How to Qualify Sales-Ready Leads Through Outsourced Lead Screening

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Lead. Prospect. Potential Client. Shopper. It all starts here. No matter the title, customers are a crucial lifeline for any business, and for many companies, attracting (and qualifying) quality customers through lead generation is a top priority and challenge for marketers. A successful marketing campaign can produce a substantial amount of leads. Turning over a… Read more »

5 Reasons to Outsource Your Employment Screening

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Finding qualified, reliable and trustworthy employees is essential to every business for several reasons including fraud and theft prevention, data security, and safety. Background checks, criminal record checks, education verifications, and credit inquiries are just some of the many factors that go into adequately screening potential employees. Despite the importance of employee screening, many businesses’… Read more »

What Call Measuring Metrics Should your Call Center Provide? A Guide to Quality Assurance

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Call centers play a vital role in improving the customer experience for many businesses. They take on the critical task of assisting with sales, customer relations, and technical support. However, how do we measure a call center’s quality assurance?   How to measure quality assurance Quality assurance can be measured using several factors your call… Read more »

Top Industries for Call Centers – What to Expect in 2021

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With a challenging 2020 now behind us, many businesses are taking lessons learned about their customer experience programs over the past year and creating more effective ways of communicating in 2021. Industries worldwide that adopted the strategy of using call centers to provide critical support to customers during the COVID-19 pandemic are now making this… Read more »

Live Answering – Why it’s a Smart Investment for Financial Industry

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Providing your financial institution’s customers with live answering services is both the gold standard in customer service and a way to boost sales. The right Responsive Call Center partner is highly experienced in the financial industry’s complex regulations and detailed information gathering requirements. Responsive Call Center has provided live answering services to businesses in the financial industry… Read more »

Customer Service Outsourcing: Retail Industry Guide

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Amidst the existential challenges currently facing the retail industry, many businesses are seeking new solutions to deliver more sales and greater customer satisfaction. One trend that retailers have begun to leverage in their search for greater audience engagement is deploying an omnichannel-based sales strategy. Omnichannel is a cross-channel, content-based strategy that businesses are using to… Read more »

Outsourced Call Center Services – Supporting Customers Post-Sale

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There is no better validation of your brand than when a customer purchases your business’s products and services and repeats that transaction again and again. Brands that achieve this sales success know that their work does not end with each purchase. They routinely ensure customers’ satisfaction with their purchases by providing a complete end to… Read more »

Customer Service Post-COVID-19: How Call Centers Can Play a Role in Your New 2020 Strategy

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As we move into the business reopening stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies in virtually every industry are facing new challenges in how they manage customer and prospective customer calls. Although many companies were able to function throughout the COVID-19 crisis, rules permeated by states and cities sending their populations into lockdown are experiencing different… Read more »

Political Campaign Call Center

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With the 2020 election season well underway, political campaign strategists who want to make certain that their important calls to voters are being made and answered work with Responsive Call Center to create their Political Campaign Call Centers. Our operators serve as effective representatives of campaigns and are fully trained in and dedicated to respecting… Read more »

Pay Per Call Campaigns

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Popular and effective, pay per call campaigns are a favorite of expert marketers who want to track their success. They use them to drive online sales and leads through digital channels in the most cost-effective way. Due to the increased volume of calls that accompany pay per call campaigns, businesses that deploy them often partner… Read more »