General Info

How long has your company provided call center services?

Our Call Center with the longest track record is located in Marietta, Georgia and has been operating for over 40 years.

Does your call center agency support 24/7 operations?


What is Responsive Call Center’s current workstation capacity and call volume?

We currently employ a total of 297 people.
Our estimated call volume is = 7,415,800 total calls/year.
US Employees = 125.
US calls/year = 6,500,000.
Lt.Am. Employees = 172.
Lt.Am. calls/year = 915,800.

Where are your call center agencies located?

Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Lima, Perú, Managua, Nicaragua View Locations


What industries do your call center services support?

We support a wide range of industries including: medical, legal, transportation, commercial services: HVAC, landscaping, locksmith, plumbing, real estate & property management, construction, energy & utilities, government, leisure & travel, and charities. We also support business process outsourcing.


What types of training programs are in place that are required by your call center agents prior to taking client calls?

No agent can take or make a call without 3 weeks of prior training. Call center agents are then tested to ensure they learned everything that’s required.

Do your call center agents receive continuous training throughout the year?

Yes, our call center service quality assurance department ensures our agents follow procedures and are trained and retrained if need be.

Do you have equipment to support remote call monitoring?

Yes. Our call center agencies have the ability of providing special telephone numbers and access codes to our customers so that they can listen to our representatives & customers talk, without disturbing or alerting them, anytime they want.


Are any of the services offered by your call center company supported through a working partnership or strategic alliance with organizations outside your company?

Not at this time. We fully own and operate all our international and US based call center agency sites.

Are your call center workstations multichannel enabled?

Yes. Our state of the art call center technology allows representatives to call other people while a customer is on hold on the same line. They are also able to host 3-way calls.

Do you have multilingual capabilities at any or all of your call center facilities?

Yes, our call center agencies in Nicaragua and Peru have the ability to provide answering services and business process outsourcing services in both English and Spanish.