Leading a political campaign means all hands on deck. Your team will face several demands at once and long hours for months leading up to election day. Help ensure their success with the help of Responsive Call Center. From local to presidential elections, we have supported the needs of many successful campaigns over the years. Our team of operators is not only highly trained but incredibly experienced and knows how to help your campaign succeed.

Call Answering and Redirection

When running a campaign, the team must understand how to field calls, respond to callers, and help your team succeed. Our agents are highly trained to be professional and polite and influence and motivate callers to support your campaign. At Responsive Call Center, we follow your directions and will answer and route calls just as any member of your team would.

Press 1 Campaign

With the Press 1 Campaign option, callers will hear an automated message and choose to speak with a live agent by pressing “1”.  The benefit of this service is longer talk time for agents, meaning one agent in a Press 1 Campaign can take 4-5 times the number of calls compared to an agent with a traditional outbound campaign.

Call Center Tech

When working with Responsive Call Center, you are not just hiring operators. You are also investing in the benefits of call center technology. We can help you create reports and run analytics with the data and feedback we collect from calls. Increase your potential voters’ engagement by calling from local numbers we can provide you. Additionally, Responsive Call Center syncs with your campaign’s CRM allowing seamless, quick service, and importing voter information is easy.

Automated Call Service and Voicemail Messaging

The automated call service feature gives your campaign the ability to plan out exactly when and how you want a call delivered. Should the call go to voicemail, no worries, we still have you covered.

Outbound Leads

Our agents can reach all potential voters that are crucial to your campaign. We believe every vote counts and treat every call this way, no matter how widespread your campaign’s reach may be.

Whether national or local, Responsive Call Center has the staffing and know-how to help your campaign make extensive outreach for your cause. We offer 365/24/7 exceptional service and can make a difference in your success.

Call us today to find out more and get started!