Employment Screening Call Center

Does your business receive a lot of applicants to fill your positions? Responsive Call Center can screen these prospects based on your requisites. We can also assess skills based on your requirements. Responsive employment call center can assist you in a number of ways:

  • Employment verifications,
  • Driving record checks,
  • Credit bureau inquiries,
  • Criminal record checks,
  • Education verifications,
  • Reference interviews,
  • Identity cross checks.

There are many reasons to outsource employment screening to specialized companies like Responsive Call Center. Many times your standard Human Resource departments do not have the resources or know-how to perform in-depth screening. Hiring employees without a thorough background check can lead to property or informational theft. Ensuring your hired employees that new recruits are not criminals also provides a safer workplace environment.

Knowing that the candidates are actually well suited for the positions you’re hiring them for, will also reduce employee turnover rates as well as the related costs. Hiring employees for the long run will save on HR, recruitment and training resources. Proper screening by a specialized team, like Responsive, improves overall productivity. Recruits’ former employers and education institutions call back to respond to our queries on their own time, and we’re always available to answer every call. We can update you in real time as results are available.

Avoid occupational fraud! Screening candidates thoroughly before they enter the workforce is the best way to evaluate the threats they pose.

Responsive employment screening call center understands that your business’s industry demands different types of background checks. We don’t have a one-screening-solution for all background check needs. Based on your requirements, Responsive will analyze all potential threats and provide you with an employment screening procedure for your approval.  Some industries demand driving records and others find it irrelevant. Some require financial checks so as to understand the person’s financial pressures or tendencies, whilst others simply require that a candidate did not lie on their resume.

Whatever your recruiting needs are, rest assured Responsive has the means and know-how to provide your business with optimum candidates. Call us today and find out how our virtual receptionists can help your staff screening needs.