Disaster Recovery Call Center

One of Responsive’s call center solutions is our disaster recovery service. Power shutdowns occur all over the world at very unexpected times. If you believe in Murphy’s law, you know that if anything bad can happen, it will happen, and at the worst possible time.

Be safe! Let our outsourced call center solutions be ready to back up your call management in case of an emergency. We’re a responsive team that can assist you day or night.

Your services need to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods etc. Responsive Call Center has outbound and inbound call centers distributed across many different cities and many different countries, so we’ll always have a team ready to respond to your callers.

In times of recovering from a disaster, such as the aftermath of a flood or fire, your business could be down and lose substantial revenue for every hour and every day that passes. We can help your business maintain daily operations and remain “open” during these devastating times. Not only can we respond to your call management needs, we can also track and record our traffic and provide you with detailed reports of what occurred so you can pick up where we left off.

It’s important for your business to develop a disaster recovery plan. It should cover:

  • Recovery strategy,
  • Recovery teams (on all business levels),
  • Recovery processes,
  • Emergency call list,
  • Key internal and external contacts,
  • Call handling procedures (who to outsource to),
  • Escalation procedures,
  • Salvage lists (resources to retrieve from disaster site).

Responsive outbound call center solutions has numerous generators to back up our equipment in case of a power outage. Our centers use more than one internet service provider just in case one of them fails. Our information is stored in a cloud so that if one of our servers is destroyed for one reason or another, a secondary back up is available.

Preparing for disasters can save you thousands of dollars and ultimately your entire business.  Plan for disasters and let Responsive Call Center Solutions be part of your plan. We’ll always be there, ready to respond to your emergency support needs.