Call Center to Qualify Leads

Is your leads list too large for you to handle? Do you need a screening call center to polish up your leads list? If you’re in the kind of industry where you know that not all of the numbers on that purchased leads list merit your top sales reps’ time, Responsive can help! With our leads list qualifying service, we can call all your prospects, have them answer basic questions, and transfer the right candidates to your expert sales agents, when the time is right.

At Responsive, we know how to write scripts and capture the information you seek. Our agents are equipped with computer systems that can transfer calls to your next available sales agent with a click of a button. With this sales call center service, your agents are able to focus on selling top rescreened customers instead of calling them all up, one by one.

Our lead qualification services compare to very few screening call centers. Most virtual call centers “verify” their leads by sending recorded messages through an IVR and wait for them to answer questions by pressing their dial pad. They don’t have humans interview your leads, we do.  At Responsive Call Center, our low cost screening call centers allow us to screen every lead and transfer warm prospects to your sales agents at the perfect moment.

The benefits of our screening call center include:

  • Accurate warm leads,
  • Human interviews – no machines,
  • Better lead response,
  • Less prospect hang-ups.

Qualifying leads can be one of the most cost-intensive and time consuming aspects of running a business. At Responsive Call Center, our technology and trained representatives make this process a breeze and our prices are highly competitive.

Discover what Responsive’s lead screening call center can do for your business today! Our number is 855 969 0009.