About 60% of online consumers admit they will not return to a website after a bad online shopping experience. Offering services such as live chat and social media direct messaging can greatly impact your business.

Live Chat

Did you know 73% of customers prefer live chat over any other form of communication with a business? Offering a live chat feature on your website can improve customers’ experiences in several ways.

  • • Fast response times
    The average live chat response time is 2 minutes. By offering live chat services on your website or app, you are more likely to retain customers and offer them a positive experience.
  • • Allows multitasking
    Customers can be at work, on a phone call, or even working out when engaging in a live chat conversation. This level of flexibility makes it easy for consumers to ask questions, interact with your website, and become customers.
  • • Convenient to use on mobile devices
    Whether on a tablet, phone, or laptop, your customers can access live chat easily from any mobile device.
  • • 24/7 assistance
    Outsourcing your live chat to Responsive Call Center isn’t just convenient. It allows customers to interact with live support 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Live chat is becoming increasingly popular as about 85% of businesses are expected to offer live chat by 2022, and for good reason. Here are some ways providing live chat assistance can benefit your business:

  • • Improves customer acquisition and experience
    With quicker responses, more convenience, and 24/7 assistance, your website can become your best customer acquisition tool and help your business grow substantially.
  • • Outsource easily
    Outsourcing live chat to Responsive Call Center makes offering this service simple, cost-efficient, and highly accessible to your customers. Our live human interactive agents are highly trained and know how to seamlessly speak on your employees’ behalf. They can directly respond to your clients’ questions, saving you time and resources on training or hiring additional staff.
  • • Remain competitive
    More and more companies are offering live chat on their website due to its many benefits. By offering live chat on your website, you keep up with your competition and beat out your competitors who do not offer live chat.
  • • Data collection
    You can improve your products, website, services, and more by using data collected through chat to enhance your business.

Social Media Direct Messaging

Like live chat, direct messaging via social media is becoming increasingly more popular. Recent research reveals that about 2 out of every 3 consumers would like to communicate directly with brands via social media direct messaging. Like live chats, consumers who prefer direct messaging are looking for immediate and well-informed responses communicated directly from the brand. Here are three reasons to outsource your social media direct messaging needs to Responsive Call Center:

  • • Attract and keep new customers
    An easy way to attract potential customers is with a social media presence. However, an excellent way to make the sale is to keep up with direct messaging. From questions about products and services to learning more about your company, answering direct messages in a timely fashion is an excellent tool for creating positive and lasting customer relationships.
  • • Prompt responses
    The key to successful direct messaging is prompt responses. If you do not answer messages quickly, the consumer will likely forget about your business or feel disregarded and move on. Consumers expect a direct message to be answered within a few hours, some within one hour. Though the demands of your business may make that seem impossible, outsourcing your direct messaging to Responsive Call Center can bring you the benefit of direct messaging without any additional work.
  • • Professionalism
    In addition to being timely, the tone of your direct messaging should match your brand and always be polite. One rude or unanswered response could cost you, particularly with a shopper who has a large following on social media. When outsourcing your direct messaging needs to Responsive Call Center, you do not need to worry about the quality or style of the message. Our operators are highly trained and can respond in an appropriate style and tone for your business.

Responsive Call Center can handle all your live chat and social media messaging needs. Do not waste time hiring or training additional employees. Hiring our services will not only cost less but equips your business with agents who can ensure timely and positive interactions on behalf of your brand.

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