Customer Service Call Center

No matter your industry or field, customer experience is incredibly important to your success. Responsive Call Center has been providing customer experience services for over 40 years. Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems enhances our staff so that your business can ultimately provide excellent customer service, before, during and after a purchase.

Responsive’s staff is trained to enhance the level of customer satisfaction by adjusting to the personality of your customer whilst assisting them in planning, installing, training, trouble-shooting, maintaining, upgrading and/or disposing of a product. The correct use of a product throughout its life cycle is essential in generating returning customers and good references.

Depending on the amount of customer service calls your business receives, Responsive can assign a number of representatives, also known as seats, to answer calls for you. These operators will be immersed in your products and brand so as to become a critical team player when answering or calling for your business.

We will work with you and your employees to develop proper scripts and procedures to respond to your customers efficiently.

A customer service representative plays a critical role in any business as they interact with the customer base. These representatives are the voice of your business and hence should be knowledgeable, polite, clear, friendly and relish helping people by nature. At Responsive Call Center we make sure that the people we hire possess these traits. All our representatives are trained extensively in our customer service call center before they are allowed to take live calls.

If, for whatever reason a representative does not have the answers that a customer seeks, he or she has the resources to transfer the call to the correct department or a more experienced representative, with a click of a button in our CRM. Our technology allows all representatives to scan through all available representatives and chat with them before transferring a call. At Responsive Call Center, we know that no customer wants to explain themselves twice.

Outsourced CRM Call Center:

Furthermore, all our calls in all our centers are recorded for quality assurance purposes and our Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM) allow our representatives to document the customers’ interactions in a centralized international system.

If a customer’s name and phone number is registered in our customer base, our CRM system will display the customer’s name and information as soon as a call comes in. This allows our representatives to greet the customer by name and respond to their business status, whatever it may be.