Spanish Speaking Call Center

According to Wikipedia the Spanish language is the second most used business language in the United States. There are more Spanish speakers in the United States than there are speakers of Chinese, French, German, Italian, Hawaiian, and the Native American languages combined.

This pretty much guarantees that sooner or later your company will receive a call from someone who speaks Spanish.

According to the 2012 American Community Survey conducted by the US Census Bureau, Spanish is the primary language spoken at home by 38.3 million people aged five or older. The 2008 US Census Bureau claims Spanish is spoken by over 30% of the population and that the United States holds the world’s fifth largest Spanish-speaking population, outnumbered only by MexicoSpainColombia, and Argentina.

It is evident that if you want your product or service to reach and/or satisfy more customers, you need to provide customer service through a Spanish speaking call center.

It is for this reason that Responsive holds 3 Bilingual Reps Call Center offices in Latin America, where practically all of our representatives are bilingual and can speak Spanish as well as English.

We understand that some of your customers may feel most comfortable explaining their needs in their native Spanish tongue, which is why we are able to accommodate them with bilingual/ Spanish-speaking call center representatives.

If you are not reaching the Spanish speaking community, you are likely missing significant opportunities to improve customer acquisition. By using Responsive nearshore call center bilingual services, you can request the translation of your English scripts to Spanish. Our customer care agents are trained to help you improve relationships, cross-sell and up-sell to Spanish calling prospects most effectively.

Our Latin American outsourced call centers are highly competitive in regards to price and quality. Thanks to high speed internet developments, integrating these representatives to your business is seamless. These Spanish call centers can even receive calls made to your local numbers.

Call us today so we can provide you with a free custom quote based on your exact service needs.