Virtual Receptionist Call Center

For many businesses a live, 24/7 virtual receptionist is a luxury they can’t afford. Others need dozens of them. Whatever the case may be, Responsive Call Center can provide an outsourced virtual receptionist service for either. Many industries do not allow business owners to be available to take calls all the time. It is evident that they need to talk to some people, but cannot afford to waste their time sifting through unwanted/unsolicited calls.

Our Outsourced Virtual Receptionist Services can take care of these calls for you whilst providing office and administrative support. A virtual receptionist is often the first business contact a person will meet at an organization, and we know just how important a good first impression is. The responsibilities of an outsourced virtual receptionist include, but are not limited to:

  • Phone answering,
  • Call screening/forwarding,
  • Appointment scheduling,
  • Customized greetings,
  • Flexible call routing,
  • Email & fax services,
  • Message taking.

Responsive Call Center makes all these services affordable, and more than often, profitable for those in need. Our Virtual Call Center does not only consist of operators sitting by telephones. Our Virtual Receptionists are fully equipped with computers, scanners, and printers to respond to any executive assistant needs you can imagine.

Our state of the art systems and technicians will work with you so as to integrate our business to yours, in a seamless way. When one of your clients calls your company they will be greeted by someone who does indeed work for your company and is ready to answer all questions regarding it. We will follow your instructions carefully and respond to your ever-changing needs on a daily basis.

Our Live operators provide virtual receptionist services by answering calls and greeting customers. They answer in the name of your company and provide a friendly and professional image. They’ll transfer calls appropriately from an outsourced location at a fraction of the cost of an in-house assistant.

They can also take messages and transfer them to the intended representative by fax, e-mail, and/or voicemail. Our experience in working with healthcare institutions has allowed us to house operators whom are trained to deal with emergency situations and respond appropriately.