Telemarketing and Telesales Call Center

If you’re looking for new customers or further revenue from your existing customers, we have sales agents that can develop proposals and sales plans to hook prospects into buying your products through our telesales call center services. Up-selling to existing customers is one of our specialties as we have several tools developed to monitor pitching and selling.

There are two major categories of telemarketing; Business to Business and Business to Consumer. For both categories, we provide:

  • Lead Generation – gathering information and contacts.
  • Sales – using persuasion to sell a product or a service.

We can also provide numerous phone lines in our telemarketing call center that your business can rent, which provide recorded sales pitches programmed to be played over the phone to numerous phone lines via automatic dialing. You can send us the recording in MP3 format, or we can develop the recording for you. Our experience teaches us however, that it is most recommended that you take advantage of our low telemarketing prices and hire our telesales call center representatives to call your client lists in person.

Responsive Telemarketing Call Center has recruited top tier sales representatives. We know how to set a salesman apart from a customer service representative. Only certain people can be in sales and our 40 years of experience have taught us how to find them and keep the very best.  Our senior sales representatives have acquired extensive experience and hold managerial positions to train all our sales staff. These same managers also devise proposals, scripts, forms and methodologies to sell effectively through our telemarketing call center.

Our Quality Assurance department monitors sales reps and provides feedback to ensure they know how to respond correctly. We devise checklists to ensure reps follow sales procedures and attribute numerical ratings to clarify weak points and opportunities for improvement. Our outbound telesales call center services make full use of our best talent and our best research until we succeed at finding the formula that works.