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Finding qualified, reliable and trustworthy employees is essential to every business for several reasons including fraud and theft prevention, data security, and safety. Background checks, criminal record checks, education verifications, and credit inquiries are just some of the many factors that go into adequately screening potential employees. Despite the importance of employee screening, many businesses’ Human Resources departments lack the resources or time to screen employees in depth. However, outsourcing employee screening to a call center can protect your business from several potential threats. Additionally, outsourcing your employee screening can save you a lot of time and hiring expenses.


Key Benefits of Employee Screening with a Call Center

Thorough employee screening goes beyond conducting a background check. Businesses spend a reasonable amount of time and money searching for suitable candidates. However, all of that goes to waste if the information is fraudulent. Additionally, a bad hire can cost a company a lot. According to a recent report conducted by CareerBuilder, a bad hire can cost a supervisor 17% of their time. Below are some notable benefits of employee screening with a call center:

  1. Fraud Prevention 

Hiring an unqualified candidate is not a risk any business can afford. However, occupational fraud is the most likely form of fraud a business can encounter. In a recent survey by ResumeLab, 36% of individuals surveyed admitted to lying on their resumes. Hiring someone who has lied about their experience, education, or even identity can cause irreparable damage to any business. While in-depth screening does not eliminate the potential that an employee may commit fraud, it does significantly decrease the chances that you are hiring a potential threat to your business.

  1. Employee Theft

Employee screening is crucial to protecting your business as well as your staff. By completing an in-depth employee screening on potential employees, you are reducing potential risks. One such risk is employee theft. In the United States alone, employees are responsible for about $50 billion stolen from businesses annually. Employee theft is also responsible for about one-third of business bankruptcies.

  1. Safety

More than one-third of employers in a recent study reported workplace violence incidents that included physical or emotional harm to employees, customers, and management. These incidents do not only hurt the victims but usually damage the business’s reputation permanently. Keeping your employees and customers safe is a top priority and a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Thorough employee screening can decrease the risk of such events.


Areas of Specialization

If you do choose to outsource employee screening to a call center, be sure to find a specialized center that can perform a variety of services to ensure a comprehensive screening of your candidates, including:

  • Employment verifications
  • Education verifications
  • Criminal record checks
  • Reference interviews
  • Driving record checks
  • Credit bureau inquiries
  • Identity cross-checks
  • Immigration eligibility


Properly screening an employee takes time, attention to detail, and expertise. In addition to the many rules one must comply with, several inconveniences come with employee screening. For example, former employers and educational institutions will respond to employment and education verifications when convenient for them. A benefit of hiring specialized call centers like Responsive Call Center to conduct employee screening is that a call center is equipped to handle the time and inquiries.


No business can afford a misstep when it comes to screening job applicants. By outsourcing the responsibility, companies can ensure a safe and productive workplace. Are you considering outsourcing your employee screening? Responsive Call Center has the expertise and means to help your business select the best candidates. Our experts are ready and standing by to get you started. Call us today!