Top Tips to Calm an Angry Customer Over the Phone

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Companies invest a significant amount of time and effort into keeping their customers happy. But no company has complete immunity from angry customers. De-escalating a customer over the phone takes care and patience. An experienced customer service representative will know how to handle an angry customer over the phone but an inexperienced representative could make… Read more »

Customer Service Outsourcing: Retail Industry Guide

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Amidst the existential challenges currently facing the retail industry, many businesses are seeking new solutions to deliver more sales and greater customer satisfaction. One trend that retailers have begun to leverage in their search for greater audience engagement is deploying an omnichannel-based sales strategy. Omnichannel is a cross-channel, content-based strategy that businesses are using to… Read more »

Customer Service Post-COVID-19: How Call Centers Can Play a Role in Your New 2020 Strategy

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As we move into the business reopening stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies in virtually every industry are facing new challenges in how they manage customer and prospective customer calls. Although many companies were able to function throughout the COVID-19 crisis, rules permeated by states and cities sending their populations into lockdown are experiencing different… Read more »

Expanding Operations? It May Be Time for a Call Center

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w As you expand operations, you will want to carefully evaluate its customer service performance and set new goals. In that process, you may find that your resources to achieve these goals require a boost. Often, outsourcing customer service to a professional call center is the answer to a company’s ability to provide exceptional customer… Read more »

Outsourcing Live Chat

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Customers and potential customers who visit your website want answers to their questions as quickly as possible. If they have to wait for you and your staff to answer by email or phone, you may lose business in the process. Live chat is a web-based service that allows businesses to communicate, or chat, in real… Read more »

Making Your Customer Service Memorable

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The differences between call center agents with a great attitude for customer service and those whose attitudes need some improving are often very clear. Because the effects of both are going to impact your business, it’s important to not only look for certain traits in those you hire for the job but to also train… Read more »

Support Your Brand’s Social Efforts in 2018

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Handling customer satisfaction through social media platforms was an idea that many people could not comprehend less than 10 years ago. A few years ago, it may have been questionable whether social media could be a way to take care of customers or market products. Today, social media is used more and more to address… Read more »