Global Call Centers

Global call centers

Business owners today can become overwhelmed with conflicting priorities, always running out of time. Managing an entire company can be tiresome, and yet everything must still get done. Big shot companies like Time Warner Inc., The Wall Street Journal, and Hershey Foods reduced stress and company costs by outsourcing parts of their call center to offshore offices. External service providers of this nature, like Responsive, can step in and manage entire call center operations for a company, employing select bilingual personnel. In today’s globalized market, the more languages customer service reps know, the better. Call center offshore outsourcing is one affordable solution that comes with plenty of perks.

5 Benefits of Call Center Offshore Outsourcing

Once you’ve made the decision to outsource your company’s call center, the option presents itself to take a more hands-off approach and leave it to your service provider to manage daily operations. This allows your focus to be shifted to the bigger picture. Among the many benefits of having a call center locally, as well as overseas, five stand out from the rest.
Lower costs overall – outsourcing call center also outsources many of the costs associated with daily operations, reducing overhead and labor.
Around the clock customer support – provide 24/7 support at an affordable cost.
Ability to manage high call volume and overflow calls – never miss a call from a customer with a fully-staffed call center of reps waiting to take the next order.
Reduced recruiting and training issues – external service providers handle their own staffing and this takes the challenge off your hands.
Bilingual Representatives – employing representatives who can answer phones in not only one, but two major languages, is a major plus, and this can boost sales.

A Quality Customer Experience

Overseas call center representatives are trained and tested rigorously with a slew of reading and writing comprehension checks. Bilingual staff are also tested during the training period so that interactions between customers and representatives are ensured to go smoothly. Remember, the impression you make on the customer will be the taste they take away and a deciding factor on whether or not they return.

Responsive has not only US based call centers, but Latin-American call centers located in Nicaragua and Peru. We are equipped with fully-trained bilingual staff, eager and prepared to handle each customer call. What would you do with extra hours in the day? Not only do international call centers cut costs dramatically, they cut you free from the stress of trying to do it all. Contact Responsive Call Center today to discuss the ways we can help you.