How to Polish up your Prospects with Lead Screening & Qualification Services

How to Polish up your Prospects with Lead Screening & Qualification Services

Building a sales funnel of high quality leads takes an enormous amount of time and resources from your sales representatives. Imagine if you could have each of your leads pre-qualified before they ever reach your sales rep. Your sales team spends a lot of time cold-calling unqualified leads in hopes of reaching a qualified, interested prospect.

Depending on where you purchase your lead lists or how your prospects are ending up in your funnel, there may be a lot of calls made in order to determine a qualified lead versus an unqualified lead. These unqualified leads are clogging up your sales agent’s time. Each call they make is a moment that they are off the phone with a qualified prospect. A professional lead scoring service can take the heavy lifting off your sales department, so that they can focus on closing qualified leads.

Here are some of the benefits of Responsive Call Center’s affordable lead screening service that you should consider:

Better Quality Leads means More Conversions

Lead scoring and qualification services does not mean you will bring in more leads but it does ensure that the leads you have are of higher quality and more likely to make a purchase, or convert.

Increased Sales Productivity

Your sales agents will be able to focus their efforts on prospects that are genuinely interested in making a purchase. Sales agents can spend their time following up on leads with contacts, building relationships, or even touching base with converted leads in order to see if they can recommend potential customers. These tasks can seem difficult when a majority of the sales agents’ time is spent contacting unqualified leads.

Better Alignment Between Sales & Marketing

Your marketing team probably has a lot of concerns about when they surface leads to the sales team. This concern can be a result of poor communication between the departments or a lack of knowledge on when your prospects are deep enough within the funnel.

A lead scoring relationship can help provide marketing with valuable information about the leads that they are collecting early on. The sooner the marketing team understands their prospects, the sooner they can shift their strategies to better serve the sales department.

With a professional lead scoring service such as Responsive Call Center behind you, you will set your business up for success. Your sales team will be more productive since their time will be spent on quality conversations. Contact us today and let’s discuss how the lead screening and qualification service can help your company.