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With a challenging 2020 now behind us, many businesses are taking lessons learned about their customer experience programs over the past year and creating more effective ways of communicating in 2021. Industries worldwide that adopted the strategy of using call centers to provide critical support to customers during the COVID-19 pandemic are now making this pivot a permanent part of their business plans.

The combination of the two trends is leading to call centers becoming a global solution for customer service and support in companies of all sizes, operating in all sectors of the economy. This shift in how industries provide the exceptional customer service that is at the heart of their customer experience is due to the way call centers provide precisely what is needed to achieve satisfaction for a relatively low cost to businesses.

Businesses experiencing success using this call center-based strategy include:

Healthcare – To meet the unprecedented challenges facing the industry in 2020, healthcare providers have relied on professional call centers to help them communicate with patients. This includes everything from answering caller questions, advising on new procedures in light of the pandemic, notifying them of their appointments, and much more.

E-commerce – Considered a lifeline to essential products and services over the last year, e-commerce businesses in nearly all sectors have depended on professional call centers to support many of their most important functions, such as sales, returns, questions about billing, issues with shipping delays, and anything else that’s come up.

Telecommunications – Providers of a variety of telecommunications services including cable television and the Internet have chosen call centers to provide their customers with 24/7 access to services including technical service, appointment scheduling and reminders, customized customer messaging, surveys and information gathering, and in-bound call metrics.

Utilities and Energy – Highly dependent on customer support that is offered 24/7, utilities and energy companies also use professional call centers for their sales, surveys and information gathering, appointment scheduling and reminders, customer notification functions, and billing inquiries.

Banking and Financial Services – In an industry where personal contact and accuracy is essential, professional call centers have filled potential customer service gaps throughout the pandemic. They have assisted banks and other financial institutions in reducing customer wait times, information gathering, maintenance and recording, and customer updates regarding accounts, tax rules, and more.

Education – Under extreme pressure to keep students learning in a remote environment, professional call centers helped educators and schools with student admissions, career center and crisis support functions, virtual learning and technology support, and customized student and educator messaging.

Automotive – From assisting in the virtual selling process to handling customer inquiries and service appointments, call centers have ensured that automotive businesses stay on track with customer contact during the pandemic.

Hospitality and Travel – Now more than ever before, the industry depends on call centers to ensure their customer experience is exceptional and encourages repeat business through positive social media reviews, and word of mouth referrals. Our agents are trained to assist with sales, post-sales, reservations, surveys, post-experience follow-up, and brand loyalty programs.

Responsive Call Center provides an exemplary customer experience for businesses in all of these industries – plus many more.

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